Casinolize Tokens are ERC 20 compatible tokens launched as a utility token for Online Casinos. We started this token to expand our existing online Casino ( and implement more games. Users will get offers including waiver of transaction fees when Casinolize Tokens are used for transactions.


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ABOUT Casinolize Tokens

Casinolize Tokens (CLZ) is designed to par-take in this fast-growing and efficient crypto-market but in a sustainable manner as the CASINOLIZE cryptocurrency. It is also designed to be used by other gambling platforms on the crypto-market in the future. Hence with just CLZ, our investors can safely and steadily par-take in multiple opportunities that exist in different gambling platforms across the market. Architecturally, CLZ is created from the Ethereum development framework. The coin is based on the ERC20 Standard which places the coin on the Ethereum network, thereby having access to the available features provided by Ethereum and satisfying the new ICO requirements. Ethereum is the largest and most well-established, open-ended decentralized software platform that enables smart contracts and Distributed Applications (DApps) to be built and run without significant downtime, control or interference from third party.

Fast Transactions

CLZ is developed from/on the ethereum framework. Hence the transaction speed is very fast, which is about 24 seconds per transaction as against other high resource-consuming coins. This will enable the huge expectations of transactions to be more efficient and instant for our users.


For every Casinolize Tokens you purchase, you will get an equivalent credit to play in our gaming portal However you are allowed to withdraw only the profits until you wager 50 times of the credit you have received. More bonuses and promotions are on the cards, which will be announced on Participate in the Pre-Sale and buy the tokens for a low price.


CASINOLIZE uses its decentralized platform with an open source technology that enables games to be fair and transparent. The ability to monitor the gaming transactions and rules from all nodes on the blockchain network, eradicates any possibility of malpractices. The use of a decentralized system is further developed by the team to support our ZERO transfer fees of CLZ within the platform.


We settled on supplying a total of 21,000,000 CLZ (21 Million). The ICO is set to start on July, 2018 and ends on August, 2018. To this end, all undistributed tokens/coins will be burnt after the ICO which means CLZ will not be mineable but will still be maintained and run on the blockchain/decentralized network for transparency, security and anonymity just like other similar currencies in the cryptoeconomy.

Road Map

In order to create evaluation points in the development and implementation of this project, we developed milestones for every significant phase of our project. These milestones or project roadmap is presented below:

Dice Game Development

March - June 2017

Dice Game Testing

June - July 2017

Launched the Dice Game (

August 2017


November 2017

Promotions and more Research

December 17 - February 2018

Casinolize Tokens (CLZ) Creation

March 2018

Further Research about Tokens and Crypto Markets

April - May 2018

Pre-Sale and ICO

June - November 2018

Start the Development of Next Game, Marketing & Promotions

October - November 2018

List the Casinolize Tokens (CLZ) on Exchanges

December 2018

New Game Testing

January 2019

Launch of the New Game

February 2019

Exclusive Promotions for the New Game

March - June 2019

Development of More Games

July - December 2019

Launch of more games and Expansion

From January 2020

Crowd-Sale Calendar

Participate in our Crowd-Sale and help us to expand Casinolize and make it big in the Crypto Online Gambling Industry. With your participation, we can grow big and bigger together. Be a part of Casinolize by participating in the Crowd-Sale.

Start Date End Date Quantity Price Sold Status
2018-06-27 2018-09-30 5000000 Casinolize 0.10 USD
2018-10-01 2018-11-30 6000000 Casinolize 0.20 USD

Contact Us

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered most of the questions below. If you still have some questions which are not answered below, please feel free to contact us.

An initial coin offering (ICO) is a type of crowdfunding using cryptocurrencies to raise the capital for the startup companies for the development or expansion. In an ICO or Crowd Sale, a portion of the crowdfunded cryptocurrency (such as CLZ) is sold to the investors in the form of "tokens", in exchange for other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or ethereum. These tokens are promoted as future functional units of currency if or when the ICO's funding goal is met and the project launches.

Most of the ICOs or Crowd Sales are launched to start a new project or business. But it is uncertain if they will really start the new project after the funds have been raised. Unlike those ICOs, we started this Crowd Sale to expand the existing and established online gambling platform (, which is already a one year old online gambling platform (as of June 2018) with good reviews and feedback. Gambling is very addictive and hence the growth of the Gambling Industry is inevitable. Reports by statista reveals that online gambling market cap of 37.91 Billion USD has grown drastically and is set to hit 57.79 Billion USD in 2020. Casinolize Tokens (CLZ), which is a part of the Gambling Industry as well as the crypto world will help you to grow better along with us.

50% of Initial Supply – ICO Sales, 20% of Initial Supply – Bounty Campaign, 10% of Initial Supply – Reserve Funds/Bankroll for Gambling House, 10% of Initial Supply – Team members, 10% of Initial Supply – Founders

To participate in our Crowd Sale/ICO, you should have an ethereum wallet address that is compatible to receive the ERC20 Tokens. You can use the Wallet Address generated from or MetaMask(An extension for the Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Brave Browsers) to participate in our Crowd Sale/ICO.

The Casinolize Tokens (CLZ) will be available in your dashboard immediately after the purchase. It will be sent to your wallet address within 7 days after the purchase.

Since Ethereuem is an established, secure and trusted Crypto Coin that has the facility to deploy a Smart Contract into its block chain, we developed our Casinolize Tokens (CLZ) and deployed into the block chain of the Ethereum. The tokens hosted under the Ethereum Platform is safe and secure as Ethereum.

All unsold Casinolize Tokens (CLZ) will be burnt after the completion of Crowd Sale/ICO.

We strive to list our Casinolize Tokens (CLZ) in most of the leading exchanges within 3 months after the completion of Crowd Sale/ICO. We try hard to list it even earlier.

Even though we do not guarantee or assure that our Casinolize Tokens (CLZ) value will increase in the future, chances are really high for our Casinolize Tokens (CLZ) to have its value increased because it is a part of the Gambling Industry. Even though there are lots of competitors in this industry, every gambling platform has their own set of players/gamblers and core values. Our core value is to provide trustworthy and good service which have kept our business live and growing over the year and we strive hard to scale newer heights every day. In the future, we look forward to commence our newly developed and more fascinating games which can be played exclusively using Casinolize Tokens (CLZ) only. The quality, popularity, fantasy and the enthrallment for these games will not only increase our customer base, but will also create substantial demand for CLZ tokens and proportionate profit realisation for all the CLZ tokens beholders.

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